Why Precast Concrete Struggles with Scale

Precast concrete is a popular building material. It is durable, ideal for outdoor use, and requires no on-the-job labor to design and install as all the work is completed by a precast concrete manufacturer. There are many reasons why precast is popular.

But precast is not without its problems. It’s one of the reason we created our unique, lightweight, EPS/cement alternative, which addresses the problems with precast without introducing new challenges. One example of a problem with precast concrete is the limitations of scale.

Why Does Precast Have Problems with Scale?

The most challenging issue with pre-cast is its weight. Precast is notoriously heavy. It requires often significant mechanical reinforcement, to go along with extensive manpower and machinery. That makes it a poor choice for detailing, like parapets and cornices, where the designs are needed on a large scale.

Similarly, pre-cast is expensive at that type of scale. Even without the weight limitations, the cost of the precast itself, combined with the cost of labor and installation make it prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of projects. This means that while precast concrete has its advantages as a material, its drawbacks make it unusable for a considerable amount of trim and moldings.

Advantages of Patterson Whittaker Products

Patterson Whittaker’s products address these issues. Our products are unique in the market – but they’re not new, as we’ve been replacing precast concrete for architects and contractors all over the world.

Using reinforced EPS, coated with reinforced cement, our are durable and finish-ready, but they’re also significantly lighter weight – so much so that some of the products can often be installed with no mechanical reinforcement at all and no manpower. This makes our EPS trim and EPS molding solution scalable for *any* property, from the most luxury commercial property to a modest single family home.

One of the Many Advantages of PW Profiles Architectural Products

Precast manufacturing has long been the premier choice for exterior – and some interior – architectural products. But it is a flawed material, one that is extremely heavy – prohibitively so for some architectural moldings. Our product addresses these issues, in a way that costs less for the project and provides an equally elegant and beautiful design.

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