Architectural Precast Fabrication – An Alternative to Decorative Pre-cast Concrete

Most architects are familiar with the benefits of decorative pre-cast concrete. Capable of being molded into almost any shape, weather resistant, and easy to finish, precast concrete products are often used to decorate and adorn both new construction and remodels, creating the design elements that turn a standard residential or commercial property into a stunning one.

Still, there are alternatives. Precast has its advantages as a material, but for contractors, architectural designers, and property buyers, pre-cast tends to fall short. If you’d like to learn how Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles is replacing much of the work that used to be completed by precast concrete manufacturers, contact us today at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more about our products.

How Our Proprietary EPS is Better Than Precast

Over the past few decades, our unique EPS and cement products have replaced decorative precast and other architectural trim throughout most of Western Canada. Many of the products we replace were originally fabricated in pre-cast concrete.

Precast concrete is an amazing product. It is close to weatherproof. It is strong. It is capable of being molded into almost any shape. There are essentially unlimited finishing options for products made with decorative architectural pre-cast fabrication, and of course, it can be crafted in nearly any shape in advance of installation – something that site-cast concrete is typically incapable of mimicking.

Yet, for all the advantages of precast manufacturing, this type of concrete product can have several issues that affect all stages of the architectural pipeline:

  • For Architects – Precast can have long lead times. It is often expensive to ship and prone to breaks and chips during the shipping process. It can also be expensive, which means that before ordering precast, it becomes critical to ensure that it makes financial sense for the project.
  • For Contractors – Installation is challenging with pre-cast concrete. It is very heavy, so considerable reinforcement is needed. Because it can chip/break, it has to be handled with extensive care. It also requires a lot of manpower to install, as lifting and installing the heavy weight is difficult.
  • For Buyers – Pre-cast concrete is long lasting, but does require upkeep. Because it is costly for builders, that cost is also then placed on the property owners. It’s one of the reasons that pre-cast concrete is also rarely used on more modest residential properties, as it tends to only make financial sense for commercial builds and ultra luxury properties.

Also, while precast concrete, like all concrete, is great for most forms of inclement weather, it doesn’t handle extremely hot, cold, or movement (such as an earthquake) as well as other materials.

Our Proprietary Architectural EPS w/Cement Coating

What Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles sought out to do was create a solution that addresses all of these concerns, without sacrificing any of the benefits that pre-cast concrete offers. Using a unique manufacturing process that combines cement coating with EPS products (and other ingredients) we created an alternative to decorative precast manufacturing that addresses all of these concerns without sacrificing any quality. Our precast products have advantages that include:

  • Shorter Lead Times – Our manufacturing process ensures we can get you the products sooner.
  • Cheaper/More Reliable Shipping – Our products are less likely to chip in transport and cost less to ship.
  • Lightweight – Our coated EPS pre-cast alternative is a fraction of the weight of pre-cast, which means it can be installed with essentially no reinforcement and with far less manpower.
  • Cost Efficient – Our manufacturing process is less costly than pre-cast, saving you a considerable amount of money and opening the door to architectural trim and moldings for even more modest properties.
  • Durable and Weatherproof – Our unique cement coated EPS is extremely durable and essentially weatherproof, making it a far better fit for many properties.
  • Limited Maintenance – Our pre-cast concrete alternative solves issues with maintenance and ongoing repair costs, as our cement coated EPS lasts for decades with minimal upkeep needs.

These are only some of the many benefits that our products offer.

But what architects and contractors really love about our products is that they don’t have to make sacrifices. Our products are still of the highest quality, and provide all the benefits they expected to get from their pre-cast while addressing many of pre-cast’s most common concerns – all for typically a lower price.

Nearly All Architectural and Decorative Components – All With PW Profiles

Pre-cast concrete, GFRC, and countless other materials can be replaced with the products that we create here at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles, and more and more, contractors are starting to see why we’re becoming one of the best options for those that were originally in need of precast manufacturers. We encourage you to learn more about all of our products by contacting our sales team today.

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