Wood Arch Fabrication – An Alternative to Wood Arches from PW Profiles

While originally necessary for the structural integrity of many older properties, architectural arches now mainly serve as a dynamic statement piece. There are few aesthetic choices one can make that will put a stronger impression on the quality and appearance of their property than a beautiful arch.

Wood has been one of the oldest and most popular materials for creating decorative non-structural arches for some time now. Despite wood’s constructive challenges and advancements made in other materials, there has been no substitute for the look of genuine wood arches or the durability they offer your property. That is no longer the case. 

Patterson Whittaker now offers a proprietary alternative to classically wood arches that replicates many of the best qualities of wood, while avoiding the complications often encountered through its construction. If your property is in need of wood arch fabrication in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, reach out to us for a quote and we’ll show you how much more affordable and special cement-coated EPS arch options can be.

If you are in the United States call 206.953.5209 or call 604.285.6550 in Canada to speak with our team and learn more about our EPS arch fabrication.

The Problem with Wood Arches in Construction

Wood is long-lasting, water-resistant, and timeless. As one of the oldest forms of building construction and one of most iconic looks an arch can be decorated in, wood has its perks. However, wood can also be incredibly difficult and expensive to work with. 

Before even beginning construction, wood is a simple product. Creating architecturally complex arches or designs with wood is difficult which at best means that its fabrication is more expensive, and at worst means your design ideas may be functionally impossible.

Wood designs, as they get larger, often continue to increase in price until the project needs to be downsized or outright abandoned – something that can be very problematic depending on the size of your arches. On top of this, wood arches, unlike our EPS arch materials, are heavy enough to require considerable mechanical reinforcement, and will require considerable manpower to install.

Wood is durable, and known to last for decades. But it is not waterproof or weatherproof. It will warp and age over time. As a natural material, it is also prone to wood rot, termites, and weather related damage. Wood may theoretically last for a long time, but in practice it can quickly experience damage.

Using EPS Arches in Construction as an Alternative to Wood Arch Fabrication

These are only some of the reasons that countless architects are making the decision to work with our EPS fabrication options at PW Profiles. Our products use reinforced EPS covered in a layer of reinforce concrete. This process can also be finished so that the final product looks identical to wood. Through this process, we are able to create a product that is waterproof, incredibly durable, and it can be custom shaped into complex designs and aesthetics. It is also lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to ship and install.

This is why so many builders, architects, and contractors turn to Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles for an alternative solution to wood arch manufacturing. With our EPS product, we have created architectural options that allow for the timeless beauty of wood without the structural downfalls or cost-prohibitive prices wood has always struggled with. In addition, our products offer: 

  • Shorter Turnaround Times
  • Affordable Shipping due to Lightweight Materials
  • Lower Manpower Requirement
  • Limited Reinforcement Expectations
  • Better for the Environment
  • Easier to ship without Risk of Damage

Our products are also more easily cleaned and maintained. After the arch is crafted to any shape, it will be a simple job to prime, paint, and decorate your arch in whatever manner best befits your property. We can also pre-finish it here at our manufacturing center if needed.

We are frequently contacted to update luxury commercial and residential properties. Contractors utilize our services as a way to lower cost and raise property value. Whether tackling a large construction plan or customizing options for smaller projects, contractors use our product to make their jobs easier and ensure the properties they work on stay beautiful.

The Types of Arch Designs EPS Can Create

The crafting technique of our product is similar to precast and GFRC, in that it can be molded to any shape or design desired. That is how PW Profiles are able to create so many different types of arch designs. Being affordable and sustainable allows us to offer a wide variety of arches, such as:

  • Gothic Arches
  • Inflexed Arches
  • Moorish Arches
  • Multifoil Arches
  • Ogee Arches
  • Roman Arches
  • Round Arches
  • Stilted Arches
  • Trefoil Arches
  • Tudor Arches

Our products are also not limited to arches. You can use us to create any product that you needyou’re your project, such as cornices, trims, headers, casings, quioins, sills, and more.

While we at PW Profiles will always understand the allure of wood for the sake of arch construction, we also know that our designs and our products will build up your property with greater durability and sustainability. Wherever you live, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about our products or services.

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