EPS Pilasters – Enhancing Architectural Design with PW Profiles EPS Core Pilasters

Pilasters are a popular architectural element that enhances the look of any property. These pilasters – which appear as flattened columns and pillars against the façade of a building – are a fascinating way to design or change the look of a property.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles offers a unique, effective approach to custom pilaster manufacturing that offers an alternative to other popular materials, such as stone, wood, GFRC, and precast. We use a reinforced EPS core with a reinforced cement coating, creating a design that is superbly light weight, highly durable, high end, and more affordable than competing materials.

These are not your typical foam pilasters. Once architects and contractors have tried our products, they use them for essentially all of their design needs. Learn more or get a sample today by calling 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada.

Why Choose Our EPS Foam Pilasters?

EPS pilasters are not a new product, but they also haven’t been marketed as extensively as other architectural products. Only recently, with improvements in both manufacturing quality and detail have emerged, have these products become one of the most popular alternatives to stone, wood, and other architectural products.

Our EPS pilasters are not just for stucco, and are not considered a cheap alternative. We manufacture products that are frequently used on high end commercial and luxury residential properties. Yet the cost of the designs and installation makes them affordable enough to be used on more modest single family housing as well.

Using reinforced EPS foam cores covered in a reinforced cement shell, our architectural pilasters outperform quarried stone, GFRC, precast concrete, and more, with advantages that include:

  • Weatherproof – Our products are entirely weatherproof, able to provide 100% resistance to water and resistance to decay. This prevents weathering and allows our products to last for decades.
  • Chip Resistant – Compared to other products, like precast pilasters, our reinforced foam pilasters are chip resistant and less likely to break or crack over time. This supports your construction, as you can be confident the product will arrive in perfect shape and that it will last for years without issue.
  • Profoundly Lightweight – The lightweight nature of these products, especially when you consider their durability, is difficult to describe. But these products are so light weight that they can be installed quite literally by one person with no mechanical reinforcement, which means that anyone looking to save money and time on labor will find our products easy to work with.
  • Customizable – What’s fascinating about our products is that we can create incredibly detailed designs without a mold. Remember, these products come ready for any type of finishing, and can be carved to specific details that enhance the look of the final design. That opens up many doors for architects and designers.
  • Cost Effective – We try not to focus on the cost of our products, because we don’t want anyone to associate them as being “cheap,” the cost of our EPS foam core pilasters is highly competitive, much less from design to installation than precast concrete, GFRC, stone, and other options. These products save money, and still maintain the detail and durability that you need from an exterior molding.

These are only a few of the many benefits that foam core pilasters offer that cannot be seen with other alternative pilaster materials. In addition, we typically have shorter lead times to make it easier to keep your project operating on time.

Learn More About Our EPS Pilaster Manufacturing

Our products are so light weight, we are able to ship internationally, and frequently send our products internationally as well as locally. We also know that once you’ve tried any of our EPS products, including our pilasters, you’ll likely use us for other products as well, including cornices, arches, and more.

Learn more about Patterson Whittaker or see our products for yourself by contacting our sales team, today.

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