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Throughout history, architectural embellishments have adorned homes and public structures the world over.

In early times quarried stone was the material of choice, then intricately carved wood and plaster found their place in fine architecture along with the rich detailing of fired terra cotta.

Today’s building profiles, or lack thereof, are largely predicated upon economic practicalities.

Cut stone and other masterfully carved building details are still available, but few projects have been able to justify their extensive impact upon budget and time … until now.

foam crown molding canada

Sophisticated Design

Patterson Whittaker is an innovative company that has combined the richly sophisticated design principles of the past with today’s latest technologies.

No longer is it impractical to beautify projects with timeless classical detailing reminiscent of the cornices, parapets and elegant door and window surrounds found in the finest European architecture—our construction and attachment systems allow even the most dramatic, large-scale details to be economically applied to both interior and exterior wall surfaces.

Unlike anything else on the market today

PW products are lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Our products include base coated materials designed for final field-finishing by stucco and paint professionals and an array of stone-like finished detailings virtually indistinguishable from those crafted from the finest quarried stones.

Our specialized manufacturing equipment, installation systems and specialty coating formulations allow us to offer a quality building profiling system unlike anything else on the market today.

molding and trim

Designed to the highest architectural standards

Patterson Whittaker offers affordable, elegant, lightweight, durable and easy to install materials that avoid many of the challenges and costs associated with pre-cast concrete, wood, and other common building detailing methods.

We firmly believe Patterson Whittaker products offer the single best value of any modern architectural detailing system.

We Support Local Businesses

  • We are proudly Canadian
  • We support all Canadian made products
  • We guarantee that all of our products are made locally
  • We are strongly behind creating more local jobs
  • We ship locally and internationally

Lightweight, Durable and Easy to Install

Our products are surface applied decorative shapes that avoid the significant liability concerns associated with conventional trim details, which are typically mechanically fastened through the building membrane and are subsequently considered as part of a building’s waterproof system.

PW Profiles can significantly reduced long term maintenance costs and contractor call-backs due to leaks, settling or seismic issues.

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