Patterson Whittaker offers affordable, elegant, lightweight, durable and easy-to-install materials that avoid many of the challenges and costs associated with precast concrete, wood and other common building detailing methods. Our products are surface-applied decorative shapes that avoid the significant liability concerns associated with conventional trim details, which are typically mechanically fastened through the building membrane and are subsequently considered as part of the building’s weatherproof system.

PW profiles can significantly reduce long-term maintenance costs and contractor call-backs due to leaks, settling or seismic issues.

We are proud to provide high-quality products that are aesthetically pleasing and that offer an unparalleled combination of savings when material, installation and long-term maintenance costs are jointly considered.

Key Features

  • Elegant, lightweight, affordable
  • Durable, low-maintenance finishes
  • Timeless, well-engineered designs
  • Interior & exterior applications
  • Easy handling & installation
  • No building membrane penetrations required
  • Factory mitered corners & return ends
  • Custom shapes & large-scale fabrications
  • Fully warrantied accessory grouts, sealers and adhesives
  • Fast deliver
  • Available for shipment worldwide

Specialty Finishes

Patterson Whittaker products are durable, lightweight and easy to install. We feature base-coated, structurally reinforced high-density EPS cores designed for final field-coating by stucco and painting professionals, as well as an array of stone-like finished products virtually indistinguishable from those crafted from the finest quarries. Our specialty manufacturing equipment and coating procedures allow us to offer a quality architectural profiling system unlike anything else on the market.


PW stucco materials are based coated, durable, flexible, resilient and design to be field-finished by professional installers. We stock a full supply of standard shapes ready for immediate job site delivery. Professional stucco tradesmen and commercial builders appreciate the labor-saving and reduced job timeline advantages provided by our prefabricated corners, large-scale sizing options and patented installation systems. PW stucco products also offer uniquely crisp detailing and are generally much smoother and more dimensionally precise than other commonly available stucco-coated shapes.


PW paint grade products are smooth, exceedingly durable and ready for final field-prep and painting. High-density EPS cores offer impact resistance and replicate the solid feel  of painted wood moldings and, unlike wood, will never split or rot. PW shapes are perfect for builders and remodelers seeking a tough, low maintenance, beautifully designed and easy-to-install profiling system – at a great price! PW paint grade materials are ideal for large-scale interior and exterior applications, multi-family projects and quality residential homes. PW’s special formulation allows a chemical bond with acrylic-based paints that can add years the the life expectancy of most paint jobs.

foam crown molding canada


This is our most popular product line for sophisticated building and design projects. PW finishes incorporate natural mineral aggregates to achieve a realist, stone-like appearance that has integral color and texture. A blended variety of sands and other natural compounds allow us to achieve a rich array of textures and earthtone colors that range from an elegant, creamy limestone appearance to the deep browns and darker gray shadings reminiscent of fine-cut European stones. PW stone finish materials offer unprecedented quality and design sophistication for the dollar.


PW wall and ceiling details are tremendous cost savers! Our material is lightweight, durable paints beautifully and saves countless installation hours over conventional molding assemblies. A must-use for all interior crown and upper wall details no matter how large the scale or how big the project!

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