Precast Concrete Services – A Lightweight Alternative from Patterson Whittaker

Precast Concrete has long been the material of choice for high end detailing. But it is expensive – both to fabricate and to install – and requires substantial maintenance, long delays, and supplementary costs that make working with precast problematic for most architects and contractors.

Patterson Whittaker offers an alternative to precast concrete that is more affordable, longer lasting, and easier to install. Most of our customers throughout California and the United States are those looking for precast concrete fabrication, but are ready for an alternative that can be designed faster, shipped for less, and installed with ease – all in a way that is better for the property as well.

For those that are looking for precast products, but would like to learn more about this proprietary material that is already being used by hundreds of general contractors in the US and Canada, contact Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles today by calling 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada.

We’d love an opportunity to send you more information on our products or why we are quickly becoming a more popular alternative to pre-cast.

About Precast Concrete and How it Compares to PW Profiles

Pre-cast concrete is the material of choice for the architectural elements of both residential and commercial properties. It has the appearance of stone, but is easier to manufacture and can be made into more sophisticated designs.

But precast concrete products are not without their challenges. They are both expensive to manufacturer and expensive to ship. There is a long lead time before the product typically arrives, and the installation costs – both in manpower and in reinforcement – can be substantial. The cost of precast is one of the many reasons that it is typically only used for commercial and high-end residential projects, where cost is less of a barrier for buyers.

PW Profiles offers an alternative.

PW Profiles uses a unique blend of reinforced, weatherproof EPS with a proprietary mix of polymers and a base coat that consists of a cement mixture over an open-weave, reinforced mesh. This has allowed us to create products that are:

  • 100% Weatherproof
  • Highly Durable with Minimal Maintenance Required
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Eco-friendly, with Recyclable Material that is Free of Ozone Harming Agents

Our products can withstand weeks of 100+ degree weather, withstand 1KG steel ball drops without cracking, and handle 90+ days of freeze/thaw cycles without any damage.

It also has many benefits for both architects and their clients. It is a fraction of the price of pre-cast concrete, allowing more contractors to integrate it without worrying about an unsustainable increase in building costs. It has a short lead time, with many of our designs completed and shipped within 5 to 6 weeks. Because of its lightweight, installation requires almost no reinforcement, drastically reducing both the labor and the materials price of needed to install precast.

It also has a variety of other helpful benefits, including resistance to seismic activity, larger size capabilities, reduction in dust and waste, and more.

Precast is a great product. But our unique material offers an even more flexible, affordable, and effective alternative. Our products can also be designed to look exactly like natural stone, with finishes and textures that mimic the real thing. Maintenance is also minimal, as our material withstands most elements for decades.

Precast Concrete Products Available with PW Profiles

Because our material is able to act like pre-cast concrete, it is able to replace essentially all precast products. We can replace:

What is also unique about our PW Profile Material is that it can replace other architectural products and design elements on at your build as well, including wood moldings, field coated stucco shapes, GFRC, cement coated foam shapes, and so much more. Almost your entire project can be completed using this material, all for a fraction of the cost.

Get Started Today with Our “Precast” Products

Pre-cast is one of many architectural materials, but its popularity, especially in warmer places like California, Arizona, and Nevada, make it the right choice for many building designs.

But it is not without its problems, and at Patterson Whittaker, we’ve created a material that addresses these problems, all while reducing cost and lead time. Learn more about our architectural products by giving us a call today or filling out our online form for a quote.  

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