Wood Crown Mouldings – An Alternative from PW Profiles

From historic to contemporary designs, crown moulding has been a standard decorative element. Crown moulding was traditionally made from wood, which has long been able to offer customizable and attractive crown moulding elements.

Yet wood has several shortcomings that mean this is no longer the most effective option for crown mouldings at residential and commercial properties. Wood can be costly and often heavy and hard to install. It does not stand up well to water and other potential forms of damage. At PW Profiles, we have created an alternative to wood moulding with proprietary crown moulding. Made with an EPS core, our crown moulding overcomes many of the shortcomings of wood as a moulding material and offers a range of additional benefits that guarantee an attractive and highly affordable option for crown moulding at any property.

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Why Contractors Prefer EPS Over Wood Crown Moldings 

Wood and, more commonly, wood composite products like MDF have long been popular options for crown moulding because they are easy to obtain, can be carved and shaped into many different sizes and designs, and almost every contractor has the experience necessary to install wood crown mouldings. Despite raising lumber costs, wood also remains relatively affordable. It is generally considered attractive as well as with a variety of finishing options, including sanding and painting, that enable crown mouldings to be further customized after installation to match the desired look of interior space.

But interior wood crown moulding also has some significant drawbacks:

  • Complex Designs are Challenging – Anything more elaborate than a standard crown moulding often requires custom work which quickly becomes pricey if the design can be accomplished in wood at all.
  • Wood is Heavy – Larger sections of crown moulding can weigh many pounds and require extra support to safely attach them. This adds extra cost and time to the project. 
  • Wood is Not Durable – Wood is not waterproof and exterior crown moulding or moulding in places exposed to moisture could be damaged. Wood is also susceptible to rot and damage from termites.
  • Wood Moulding Can be Expensive – Although more affordable than other options, there is still significant room for savings.

One of the leading materials that contractors and architects are now relying on is the innovative solution at PW Profiles. We combine an EPS core with an exterior coating of reinforced concrete to construct our products, including crown moulding. This combines the lightweight and low cost of EPS with the durability of precast concrete, while all of the different finishing options available can still give you the traditional look of wood crown moulding. 

Patterson Whittaker Profiles has designed this product to be a leading solution for crown moulding and circumvent many of the challenges caused by wood. We rely on specialized technology and our refined combination of reinforced EPS in order to make our crown moulding. Because this is a newer material for many contractors – although we have been successfully offering it for two decades – we are happy to share all of the benefits and possibilities with you. Simply call our call our sales team to learn more.

Some of the general benefits that you can expect from EPS crown moulding are:

  • Durable and Long Lasting  – Our wood crown moulding alternative will reliably last for years with no risk of rot, moisture damage, termite damage, cracking, or other challenges that wood can experience.
  • Easy to Install – EPS is extremely lightweight. This makes handling it during the installation process extremely easy. It also removes any need for building extra support to install a large and heavy piece of crown moulding. Instead, EPS crown moulding adheres to the wall with adhesive, making it straightforward for any contractor to install.
  • Highly Customizable – Intricate designs are possible in wood, but the price often increases quickly. With EPS, it is possible to create more complex designs without a significant increase in cost.

Even with the possibility of custom designs, there are no significant lead times with our products. EPS crown moulding does not need to be carved or molded as wood crown moulding would, and our team is able to complete moulding pieces in a few days. We can then ship them to your job site wherever you are located.

Although the cost of EPS crown moulding is extremely affordable, this is still a high end product and the  finished look is comparable to wood crown moulding. It can complement your property’s design whether you have new construction or are upgrading crown moulding in an older property.

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Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles fabricates a wide variety of wood architectural elements, making it possible to finish almost all of your decorative pieces with a single team. We are based in the Pacific Northwest in British Columbia where we have over 20 years of experience working with teams in Canada, the US, and around the world.

As the leading fabricator of crown moulding and other products with our proprietary process, our sales team is able to share more information about EPS crown moulding. We can provide specific insight on how this material can work best for your needs, as well as show examples of installed EPS crown moulding, and our other work. Call us today or send us a message to learn more.

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