GFRC Manufacturing and Fabrication – An EPS Alternative from Patterson Whittaker

GFRC is a widely used, popular material for creating long lasting details on commercial and upscale residential properties. GFRC fabrication is effective, but it is imperfect, as there are challenges that GFRC presents such as a prohibitive cost, long lead times, and a level of manpower that adds to the price of the project.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles has an industry leading, proprietary solution that addresses the challenges of architectural GFRC manufacturing and installation, all with a product that costs less, lasts longer, and provides additional benefits that quickly address many of these concerns. It’s why so many contractors have switched from GFRC, Precast, and other materials to our unique product.

Call us at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more about our EPS based, highly durable products, and why so many people choose our solutions over that of GFRC. We’re confident that once you’ve seen our products, you’ll use us for all of your architectural designs.

About GFRC and How it Compares to Our EPS Solutions at PW Profiles

GFRC is a great material. It is able to mimic stone. It is lighter weight than other forms of concrete. Its durability, especially given its weight and thickness, is excellent. There are many very understandable reasons that people choose to work with GFRC, and even at Patterson Whittaker, we recognize that there are situations when GFRC can be advantageous to a project.

But there is also no denying that GFRC, for all its advantages, also comes with many disadvantages. GFRC manufacturing can be costly. Lead times can be substantial. Although it is lightweight compared to other materials, it is still heavy, and so mechanical reinforcement and additional manpower are often needed to install the materials. These are only some of the many ways that GFRC can fall short.

What we offer at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles is an alternative to GFRC.

PW Profiles creates products that combine a modified EPS core covered in a reinforced cement cover over open weave mesh. This process, which is widely known in Canada but not as common in the United States and abroad, creates products that are both extremely lightweight and shockingly durable – all a price point that is frequently less than GFRC and related precast materials.

While our architectural products are frequently much less than GFRC and other alternatives, they’re not “Cheap” in design. If you look at the specs, these designs perform as well as many of the other available materials in strength and consistency. They are also:

  • Weatherproof
  • Chip resistant
  • Eco-Friendly

What architects like the most is that these products are so lightweight, they require essentially no manpower to install, minimal to no mechanical reinforcement, and can do all this while withstanding as much as a 1KG steel ball drop.

The benefits of this product for architects and contractors are substantial. They even open the door for builders to add architectural pieces to less upscale residential properties, something that was previously cost prohibitive.

PW Profiles is well known Western Canada, and our products are frequently used as a replacement to GFRC. But, because they’re unique, we’re spreading the word about the way that our coated EPS products can benefit contractors that were previously looking for GFRC solutions.

Types of Products We Can Create

Our EPS coated GFRC alternative can be used to create essentially any product that architectural GFRC can create. These include, but are not limited to:

Our coated EPS is capable of replacing most exterior and interior architectural products. It is often a better choice than wood molding, precast concrete, field coated stucco, and more. It’s also unlike any of the products that you’ve tried in the past. If you’re looking for GFRC fabrication, we encourage you to consider our unique EPS product instead and learn why it is advantageous for essentially all of your architectural elements.

Start Today – Contact Our Sales Team

Architectural GFRC has many advantages. But it has many flaws as well. That is why relying exclusively on GFRC is not ideal for many types of properties. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our alternative to GFRC – our specialized EPS products that have the same advantages of GFRC with fewer weaknesses. Call us today to learn more.

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