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Better Than Stucco Shapes Manufacturing – Our Proprietary Architectural Foam Shapes

Stucco is a siding option for the exterior of a property, and makes a lot of sense as a construction material for a wide variety of aesthetic designs. Typically used on residential properties, stucco shapes are often chosen as a way to provide the home with architectural elements that add to the design and value of the property, but in a way that makes sense of the construction and price.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles designs and manufacturers custom foam core shapes and architectural elements. But these are not field coated stucco shapes. These are architectural products that fit *any* type of construction and siding material – including stucco – in a way that is just as lightweight and easy to finish, but far more durable, resilient, customizable, and with greater detailing.

Our products can be used on your next stucco build. But it can also be used on any other build where you’re looking to add character, class, and architectural elements at a better cost and with easier installation. The best way to understand our EPS foam core products are by calling our sales team at 206.953.5209 in the United States and 604.285.6550 in Canada, or filling out our online form with your questions.

About Stucco Shapes Fabrication vs. Reinforced Cement Coated EPS

There is no denying that stucco shapes are an inexpensive way to completely transform a property. They make it possible for even the most modest of residential homes to have a luxury look that improves property values, adds character, and transforms a stucco coated property.

But field coated stucco shapes are not without their drawbacks, and that’s where our reinforced cement coated EPS shapes can change the way you see architectural design. These are not *just* replacements for stucco shapes. Our products are durable enough to be used in high end residential and commercial properties, as well as properties that do not use stucco at all.

Our products also replace popular materials like wood trim and wood moldings, GFRC, pre-cast concrete, and more. Of course, they also replace the need for stucco shapes. That is because our foam core shapes have several advantages that field coated stucco shapes are unable to offer, including:

  • Greater Level of Detail – Our manufacturing process makes it much easier to add high level, intricate details to each shape – something that is not nearly possible when the product needs to be field coated.
  • Larger Shapes – We are able to provide shapes like columns, arches, and more that are much larger than traditional field coated stucco, and yet remain just as easy to install with minimal reinforcement.
  • Pre-Finished with Lower Installation Costs – Because our EPS moldings are already pre-finished, including with factory mitered corners, the total installation costs are less expensive and less time consuming overall than with stucco coated shapes.

Our shapes can also be installed on essentially any surface, including those with irregularities. Architects also love our products because they can use them on other projects – including those not made with stucco. Anyone looking for architectural foam manufacturing, or any stucco related architectural products should also consider looking at our designs for their other installations as well.

What Stucco Architectural Foam Shapes We Replace

We are able to replace essentially any and all stucco shapes that you may need for your project, all with competitively lower prices and easier installation. Use us to replace:

  • Stucco Sills
  • Stucco Cornices
  • Stucco Moldings
  • Stucco Caps
  • Stucco Arches
  • Stucco Columns
  • Stucco Quoins
  • Stucco Trim, and More

Essentially, we are able to replace any and all field coated stucco applications with greater style, texture, size, and a much longer lasting product that is also cost effective. We are also able to create finishes that mimic other types of materials, for an even better application.

Contact Patterson Whittaker for Our Architectural Foam Advantages

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles is more than an architectural foam shapes manufacturer. Our unique, reinforced cement coated products are changing the way that many contractors and architects choose material, replacing stucco shapes, precast concrete, GFRC, wood, stone, and more.

Learn more by filling out our online form, and let’s start a conversation about how our products can change the way that you design your properties – no matter how large or luxurious they may be.

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