Precast Trim Fabrication – A PW Profiles Alternative to Pre-cast Concrete Trim

Pre-cast concrete is one of many materials used in outdoor architectural design and construction. But in both the US and Canada, precast trim is easily some of the most popular. Its weather resistance, design potential, and more makes it widely used by contractors for many commercial and some residential properties.

But it is not without its problems. Precast is a great material, but it is costly, difficult to install, and has both long lead times and some problems with weather resistance. Patterson Whittaker has a proprietary EPS based alternative to precast trim that addresses all of these challenges, all with a lower cost and better overall product.

We know you have questions. Call us at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada, and we are more than able to show you why more and more architects have switched from precast to our EPS based trim. Contact us to get started.

Better Than Pre-cast Concrete Trim Fabrication

Every region of North America has its own preferences. Many builders, especially in West Coast and Southwest, choose pre-cast concrete for their architectural elements. There are certainly many advantages to precast trim fabrication, and its place in the architectural world makes considerable sense.

But precast concrete, as useful as it is, also has its flaws.

Precast concrete trim is often not cost efficient for most jobs. From the cost of fabrication to the cost of shipping to the cost of installation (both manpower and reinforcement), precast is often an expensive investment – especially for trim and moulding. In addition, while weather resistant, precast trim is not weatherproof. It is also prone to chipping and breaking.

This is why precast concrete trim is typically only used on luxury properties.

Patterson Whittaker offers a unique alternative. Instead of precast trim, we have created a type of weatherproof EPS that is sealed in cement to create trim that exceeds the benefits that precast concrete offers. Our products look like pre-cast and act like pre-cast, but the EPS trim we create offers:

  • Better Weather Resistance
  • Extremely Durable Construction
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • Quick, Less Expensive Shipment
  • Faster Lead Times, and More

Our eco-friendly EPS trim needs no reinforcement to last for decades. It requires much less manpower, and installation is simple. Used on many luxury properties just like pre-cast, our trims are also able to be used affordably on smaller residential properties as well.

We can engineer our trim in essentially any shape and texture, and give products that look and act like natural stone. These products are even resistant to seismic activity.

Start Today – Call For Better Than Precast Trim Fabrication

We at PW Profiles create products that act as a much needed, better alternative than pre-cast trim. We can create products that help with all of your architectural needs, including columns, crowns, mouldings, headings, and more. Call us today to see why architects and contractors now use our EPS moldings instead.

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