Stucco Columns – An Alternative from PW Profiles

Stucco shapes, including stucco columns, have been used by contractors for years to enhance residential and commercial property exteriors on a budget. They are easier to install than other materials, can be customized in a variety of ways, and offer a lower cost alternative to heavier materials like architectural precast.

But they have limitations – limitations that are unavoidable, no matter the stucco shapes manufacturer. They are also, as the name implies, limited to stucco. That’s great if you are working solely with stucco, but once you’ve worked with a product once, you want to continue to use it for other projects.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles offers an alternative to stucco columns that is versatile, affordable, easier to install, and can also be used outside of stucco. Using the same EPS technology that stucco shapes are made with, we cover reinforced EPS with a reinforced cement cover, with many of the same benefits as traditional stucco shapes, but as durable and versatile as precast concrete, wood, and GFRC.

The best way to understand why many architects and contractors use our products is to contact our sales team today at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada, or via our online form.

What We Offer at PW Profiles

Stucco columns, and other stucco shapes, are lightweight and can be reinforced with ease. But, of course, they require stucco, which adds a considerable amount of labor to the overall cost. The stucco can also prevent some of the intricacies of the design from being viewed, and introduce potential damage that affects the look of the property.

Our alternative is different. We make foam core shapes and architectural elements that are already covered in a reinforced cement coating which can be easily textured to look like stucco, or finished to match other types of materials. Our stucco columns, for example, are:

  • Very easy to install. Most of the time they can be installed by one person with no manual reinforcement, requiring only adhesive to last for decades, even in commercial properties.
  • Easy to Finish – Our stucco columns can come pre-finished, but can also be finished on the property with ease.
  • Durable – Both the EPS and the cement are reinforced, which makes them extremely durable to heat, water, and even some force.
  • Customizable – Our foam core columns are far more customizable than traditional stucco columns. You can make intricate designs and shapes with fine details.

Cost is a factor as well, and from end to end, our products offer competitive if not much better overall costs. From shipping to labor to project completion, our products can help you save money over the entirety of the build.

Why Choose Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles?

Our specialty is creating detailed, custom foam core architectural products that can be used on both residential and commercial properties in place of everything from stucco shapes to GFRC to precast concrete to wood. Most architects and contractors that try our products continue to use them for all their projects in the future – including non-stucco siding. In addition to columns, you can create cornices, arches, wall panels, and so much more – all without piercing the waterproof membrane, and all customized to look identical and maintain the durability of other popular materials.

We encourage anyone that is interested in stucco columns, or adding any architectural elements to their property, to start a conversation with one of our sales team members. Let’s send you specs, explain our products in greater detail, and help you find out more about why we have become the leading choice for architects and contractors all throughout Canada and the United States.

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