Wood Moldings and Trim – An Alternative from PW Profiles

Wood is one of the most popular and most common materials used in architectural design and construction. Wood moldings and wood trim – used for both exterior and interior decorative builds – is long lasting, water resistant, and one of the most common and classic materials available today.

Yet wood moldings and wood trim have their own distinctive challenges. From cost to installation requirements to detail, most of the time, wood moldings are not the best choice for your architectural needs. Contact Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles instead. We have a unique, proprietary alternative to wood, precast, GFRC, and stone that is quickly becoming the most popular choice among both contractors and architects.

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About Wood Molding Manufacturing and Design and Our Products

Wood – and wood related products, like MDF – are popular because they are more readily available (without a specialized wood molding company), and are easy to cut or be customized with staining and paint. They’re also easy to work with, as no specialized knowledge is needed to install wood moldings. Cutting a specific design can up the cost of wood dramatically, but wood itself is also fairly inexpensive.

But wood moldings and trim are also very limited.

  • It is extremely difficult to make a wood product architecturally complex.
  • Larger wood designs can quickly become cost prohibitive.
  • Wood is heavy, and requires considerable manual reinforcement.
  • Wood is not waterproof. It will age over time, and is prone to termites and rot.
  • There are more likely to be holes and spaces inside the wood that let in moisture.
  • Wood can be difficult to clean.

All of these reasons are why many architects are choosing to work with our unique products here at PW Profiles. We create products using a reinforced EPS core covered in a layer of reinforced cement. The resulting products are waterproof, highly durable, able to be customized into architecturally complex shapes, and resists all forms of weather and aging.

In addition, installation is simple. Our products are incredibly light weight, often requiring limited to no reinforcement. They are so light weight that they can be shipped quickly and easily installed with very little labor, making them cheaper from beginning to end. Because they can be cut into more complex shapes, they create a final design that is frequently better than wood, and can be finished in a way that is similarly visually appealing.

At Patterson Whittaker, we make our products with additional advantages as well, such as pre-mitered edges and rain slope details. Our products can be used indoors and outdoors, and they’re cost efficient – you can use them not only on luxury homes and commercial properties, but on more modest properties as well.

Our architectural products can replace essentially all the indoor and outdoor trim and décor that you used to make with wood, precast, and other types of materials. You can replace:

  • Wood Arches
  • Wood Bases
  • Wood Brackets
  • Wood Chimney Trim
  • Wood Columns
  • Wood Cornices
  • Wood Coves
  • Wood Crowns
  • Wood Doors and Window Surrounds
  • Wood Sills
  • Wood Mouldings
  • Wood Trim
  • Wood Casings
  • Wood Headers
  • Wood Quoins
  • Wood Walls and Wall Panel Systems, and More

Finally, all of our products are code compliant, and not a component of the building envelope system. Whatever design you had in mind, our product is the right choice, and preferred by architects and contractors all throughout the world. Because our products are so light weight, shipping nationally and internationally takes less time and has less cost.

Find Out More – Contact Us For a Replacement for Wood Trim and Wood Mouldings

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles has created an alternative to wood mouldings and trim that is changing the way that many architects design their properties. But we also know that this product may seem new. We have been creating these architectural items for decades, but we started as a local company before we began reaching out to international designers.

That is why we encourage you to call our sales team today, or use our online form to reach out to our staff. We are happy to show you what our products can do, and we’re confident that once you’ve tried our designs in place of wood, precast, GFRC, or any other material, you’ll find that we are the best choice for most of your architectural needs both indoors and out.

Contact us today to get started.

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