Precast Wall and Wall Panel Fabrication – A PW Profiles Alternative to Pre-cast Concrete Walls

Decorative pre-cast concrete has long been a popular choice for the architectural features of a wide range of properties – including wall panels. Precast concrete wall panels and cladding give the property its unique architectural appearance, providing it with more personality and character while adding insulation and other benefits as well.

There are many advantages to precast concrete walls. But there are disadvantages, too. At Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles, we created material that aids in architectural construction and design that addresses many of the concerns about pre-cast concrete wall panels, while still maintaining all of the benefits that precast offers. Find out more about our precast wall fabrication services by calling 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more.

Our Effective Alternative to Decorative Precast Wall

Throughout the US, Canada, and abroad, precast walls are commonly used in commercial properties and luxury residential homes as a way to add creative elements to the design. Precast has many qualities that are ideal for this type of construction, including its weatherproof capabilities, its ability to be finished in almost any style, and its expected lifespan.

But contractors that work with precast – including those that actually prefer precast – still find that it has its challenges. It is prohibitively expensive and difficult to ship. It often has long lead times that can delay the project. Installation of the wall panels requires substantial reinforcement and manpower, both of which add cost and time to the project while increasing the chance of mistakes.

At Patterson Whittaker, we wanted to create products that addressed all of these concerns without sacrificing any of the reasons that people choose precast concrete cladding in the first place. We did this by creating a product that would act as an alternative to precast, using a reinforced EPS core and cement coating that provides:

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Significantly Lighter Weight
  • Faster Lead Times
  • Reduced Materials Cost
  • Much Easier Installation, and More

Everything about our products was created to address the deficits of products like precast, GFRC, GFRG, and more – all at a better price point and with faster turnaround. This does not even include some of the smaller benefits as well, like a product that is less likely to chip in transport and one that has easier maintenance requirements for the property owner.

Learn More or Get a Quote For Our “Precast” Wall Panels

We designed our products to replace essentially all decorative elements, not just wall panels. They can also be given designs or finished in any way that you envision. But we also know that not everyone has had an opportunity to try our products for themselves. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our materials, or to get started on your next architectural design.

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