GFRC Cornices and GRC Manufacturing – A PW Profiles Alternative

Glassfiber reinforced concrete, typically referred to as “GFRC” (or GRC), is one of the most popular materials for exterior architectural elements for both commercial and residential properties. Cornices are a product type that is frequently manufactured with GFRC, as it allows a uniform design that is water resistant, easily finished, and easy to install.

But GFRC cornices – just like all GFRC products – are not without their problems. Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles offers a widely popular alternative to GFRC cornices, used by architects and contractors all throughout Canada and the United States. Call our sales team at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more about our popular GFRC manufacturing alternative.

Benefits and Weaknesses of GFRC Cornices

There is no denying that GFRC is one of the most effective architectural materials available today. It is extremely durable, almost entirely water and fireproof, and can be molded into nearly any shape. This allows it to be used on products like cornices, providing a consistent appearance that adds to the appearance of the property.

GFRC cornices are a useful choice as a decorative mouldings. But they are not without their problems. For example:

  • GFRC can be prohibitively expensive. That means that GFRC cornices are only used on large commercial properties, where cost is less of an issue.
  • GFRC typically has a long lead time. Because molds are needed to create GFRC, it often takes a long time to create them and have them ready for transport.
  • GFRC is heavy. It can be difficult to install, requiring manual reinforcement and labor that adds to the costs of the overall project.
  • GFRC can have problems in transport, from chips to shipping costs to mud/dirt that gets into the product and is difficult to remove.

What we created at Patterson Whittaker is an alternative to GFRC that offers all the benefits that GFRC offers, but addresses these weaknesses. We create cornices that use a reinforced EPS core that is then covered in a reinforced cement solution. This unique approach to creating architectural products creates a final design that offers many advantages over GFRC, including:

  • Waterproof – The cement and EPS core are both entirely waterproof and weatherproof, creating cornices that are perfect for long term installation.
  • Shorter Lead Time – Our manufacturing process doesn’t require molds, speeding up the time to completion and ensuring that you have the final product ready to install fast.
  • Less Costly – GFRC is a costly material. Our materials costs, shipping costs, AND labor costs are cheaper, which means these cornices can be used on any property without any sacrifices.
  • Easy Installation – Our EPS cornice products are incredibly light weight. They can be installed with limited to no manual reinforcement and labor.

But what makes these products an even better alternative to GFRC is that these benefits come without sacrifices. You get nearly all of the strengths of GFRC as a material while addressing GFRC’s greatest weaknesses.

Our EPS core products can also be used to replace all your GFRC, precast, and other architectural design elements – not just cornices. Most contractors that have used our products come back to us for all of their subsequent designs, using us for both exterior and interior trim and mouldings.

Learn More – Call PW Profiles Today

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles has a proprietary product that has changed the way people look at GFRC, precast, and other architectural materials. We know that you have questions, and we encourage you to contact our sales team for samples of our work, specs, and more information about why our designs are a better choice than GFRC cornices, or other architectural materials.

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