GFRC Arch Fabrication – An Alternative from PW Profiles

There is something about arches on a property that is timeless. Architectural arches give residential and commercial buildings a classic, luxury appearance that adds considerable character and adds value to the owner that will last a lifetime.

There are many materials for architectural arch manufacturing. GFRC is one of the most popular. Glassfiber reinforced concrete, typically referred to as GFRC or GRC, is a highly durable, weather-resistant, high-quality material that makes some outstanding arches. But while GFRC arches and GFRC arch manufacturing do have advantages, they also come with drawbacks.

GFRC arches are:

  • Expensive.
  • Heavy, often requiring considerable manual labor and mechanical reinforcement to install.
  • Difficult to ship.
  • Slow, with long lead times.

GFRC arch manufacturing is great, but it is not ideal for most projects.

Here at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles, we offer a different product that provides such an effective alternative to GFRC arches that most of our customers have switched from glass fiber-reinforced concrete to using our products for all of their architectural design needs. We’d love a chance to share it with you, so please call 206.953.5209 in the United States and 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more.

How PW Profiles Replaces GFRC Arch Fabrication and Manufacturing

What we offer here at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles is a reinforced cement coated EPS core product that looks and acts exactly like GFRC arches, but with benefits that GFRC isn’t capable of matching. For example:

  • Our product is more weatherproof, and better for places with exposure to the elements.
  • Our product is less likely to chip and crack.
  • Our product is easier to install, with arches that need almost no mechanical reinforcement.
  • Our product is lightweight for faster shipping and less manpower.
  • Our product is less expensive, but doesn’t sacrifice on the quality of the final design.

This is not a new product, either. Our GFRC arch alternative has been used in builds in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada for over 20+ years, and we’ve shipped all over the United States, Canada, and even Europe and Japan.

If you’re looking for GFRC arch fabrication, we encourage you to contact Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles today, and see why we offer such a viable alternative to GFRC.

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