Precast Concrete Cornice Fabrication – A PW Profiles Alternative to Precast Cornices

Cornices are a great addition to the exterior design of a property. Often architects integrate these cornices to give properties depth and provide a high class design that catches the eye from a distance, mimicking either classical architecture or providing a modern twist that adds to the perceived value and personality of the property.

Throughout North America, especially in warmer climates like California, Arizona, and Nevada, precast concrete is the material of choice for cornice fabrication. It mimics the look of real stone and has design advantages that make it a widely used choice for both contractors and architects. But even precast cornices are imperfect. They are typically prohibitively expensive for all but the most luxury of properties, prone to chips and cracks, and require extra engineering and manpower.

For those that have been looking for pre-cast concrete cornice fabrication, we strongly encourage you to call our team at Patterson Whittaker. We have a proprietary product that provides the same benefits of precast, with a fraction of the lead time, less cost, better weatherproofing, and more. Call 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more about what we’ve been designing for architects and contractors throughout the United States.

About Our Precast Concrete Cornice Material

Many contractors love pre-cast concrete, and for good reason. Cornices, especially, need to be carefully constructed in advance with the right measurements. It needs to be as close to weatherproof as possible to withstand the rain, heat, and more that it will experience as it protrudes out from the exterior walls.

Precast concrete cornices are a great product. But they’re not the only option available. Our team at PW Profiles wanted to develop an alternative to pre-cast cornices, and other precast moldings and architectural products – one that can replace not only precast concrete, but also precast GFRC and other more common materials.

To do this, we made a proprietary material that uses 100% weatherproof EPS encased in cement and combined with other minerals and elements. These products, which can be used just like precast concrete, eliminate many of the more common issues that developers have with precast and similar materials:

  • Our Products Are a Fraction of the Cost – From fabrication to shipment to installation, the products we create cost less than precast, GFRC, and many other materials. Our cost to fabricate the products are less than our competitors. Our products also ship for less because they weigh loss, and they take much less manpower and virtually no reinforcement to install.
  • Our Products Are Less Prone to Chips and Cracks – The material we use and the cornices we create make it far less prone to the shipping and cracks that can happen during transport and installation for pre-cast materials.
  • Our Products Will Be There Faster – The ability to ship our lightweight products with greater ease, combined with our much faster manufacturing process, means that we almost always have shorter lead times than other architectural products, especially pre-cast.

Our unique material is also more eco-friendly, completely weatherproof, and easier for property owners to clean and maintain. They make architectural design easier for smaller residential properties, allowing developers to design cornices on more modest buildings, yet their design is just as high end, making it a great option for large homes and commercial properties as well.

Types of Precast Cornices We Can Create

Our EPS cornices can be created in any shape or design that you have envisioned for your property. Our material is capable of replacing and fabricating:

  • Precast Box Cornices
  • Precast Closed Cornices
  • Precast Open Cornices

We are able to craft custom cornices that match the style of your architecture. We also are available to create all the other architectural moldings you may need, including trims, headers, sills, columns, arches, mouldings, and many others.

When your project calls for pre-cast fabrication, whether it’s cornices or any other part of the property, we encourage you to contact our sales team to learn more about why almost every architect we speak to chooses to work with our unique materials instead. Call today to get started, or use our online form to reach one of our team members.

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