GFRC Columns and GFRC Column Covers – An Alternative w/PW Profiles

Architects and contractors often turn to GFRC column covers when adding architectural column elements to a property. GFRC columns have many advantages, as they are largely weatherproof, highly durable, and lighter-weight than many other material choices.

But at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles, we want to introduce you to an alternative to GFRC column manufacturing – a reinforced cement-coated EPS core that is more cost effective, weatherproof, and has shorter lead times, all without any sacrifices to the quality of the final product. Call us at 206.953.5209 in the United States and 604.285.6550 in Canada to learn more.

GFRC Columns – Advantages and Disadvantages

columns and trim made with EPS, not GFRC

Architectural GFRC columns and column covers are some of the best decorative columns currently available. They can be crafted in molds with incredible, uniform consistency. They are water-resistant, fire proof, and durable. Because the concrete is also reinforced, it is typically capable of lasting for decades with only a minimal amount of maintenance.

But GFRC columns are not without their drawbacks:

  • Despite being lighter weight, installation still requires mechanical reinforcement
  • GFRC columns can be more costly than other materials.
  • Lead times for GFRC can be substantial.

In addition, rarely does it make financial sense to integrate GFRC into residential properties except for the most “luxury” because they are typically very cost, time, and installation prohibitive.

An Alternative: Why Choose the EPS Column Covers from Patterson Whittaker

Our column covers at Patterson Whittaker are not a new product. We have been in business for over 20 years, and many architects and contractors depend on our products for all of their decorative trim and moulding needs. But, as one of the only manufacturers of these products in the world, they are not as well known.

What contractors find with our EPS column covers is that they are typically a better alternative to GFRC for almost any purpose. That is because these column covers are:

  • Weatherproof – Our cement coated EPS GFRC alternative is almost entirely weather resistant in rain, snow, and heat. It is also rated for earthquakes.
  • Very Light Weight – GFRC may be a lighter weight than other materials, but our EPS columns are truly light weight. They often need no reinforcement, and very limited manpower.
  • More Cost Effective – Everything from fabrication to shipping of our column covers is less than GFRC. It’s why our products are shipped as far away as Asia for less than GFRC shipped nationally.
  • Shorter Lead Times – From the moment of your call to the time your product is in your hands, the lead times are often much shorter with our EPS column products.

In addition, the construction quality of these GFRC column alternatives is just as high end as actual GFRG, but our manufacturing process, materials cost, and shipping cost ensure that these products are affordable enough for not only commercial properties and luxury residencies, but also typical single family homes as well.

Learn More – Call PW Profiles Today

We know that it can be difficult to try something new. But we’re confident that once you’ve seen our EPS GFRC column cover alternative, you’ll come back for all of your moulding and trim needs. Contact our sales team today, and let’s talk about the specifications of our product and why so many builders use us for their decorative GFRC needs.

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