Patterson Whittaker offers elegant, lightweight, durable and natural looking architectural details that are easy to install and typically less expensive than pre-cast concrete, wood assemblies, and other complex profiling methods. And since we are simply an applied decorative material, we help avoid the significant liability concerns associated with conventionally fastened products that are considered part of a building’s weatherproof system.

PW products reduce many long-term maintenance costs and contractor callbacks due to leaks, settling and seismic issues.

We believe Patterson Whittaker products offer the single best value for the dollar of any profiling option on the market today.


Commonly accepted as the premier option for high-end detailing, pre-cast concrete products are exceedingly durable and are available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes. Short of importing custom-cut stone shapes from abroad, pre-cast shapes have traditionally been the best available commercial option for the most sophisticated architectural projects – until now. Our advantages over pre-cast include:

Lightweight construction

  • PW products weigh only a fraction of pre-cast
  • Reduces shipping, handling and installation costs
  • Avoids the expensive structural and seismic upgrades associated with pre-cast materials.


  • PW offers elegant, easily applied, large-scale details such as cornices, parapets, mid-bands and bases that are often price and weight-prohibitive with pre-cast products.

Longer lengths

  • Our 4’ – 6’ lengths Improves design layout flexibility
  • Creates less trim waste
  • Reduces installation hours

Easy installation!

  • PW “kit systems” include factory pre-mitered corners, finished ends and simple fastening systems that make installations a breeze!
  • Installs with common tools and equipment
  • Reduces the dust, noise and waste disruptions common with pre-cast
  • Simple, permanent adhesion systems- no call-backs!
  • Easy storage and handling

Realistic stonelike finishes

  • PW formulations use natural mineral aggregates that resemble the rich textures of the finest quarried stones. Subtle differences in the blends of our sanded textures help create a more natural look than many pre-cast products using chemical pigment colorants.

Reduced liability

  • No seismic or structural load engineering requirements
    PW products are decorative, glue-on details applied to weatherproof, code-compliant wall systems and are not a component of the building envelope system. Cast stone pieces must be fully flashed, rain-screened, and individually secured with membrane penetrating attachments- which commonly translates into hundreds of potential sources for leaks or general moisture infiltration.
  • PW shapes are typically engineered with top-slope and drip-edge contouring to help divert rainwater away from the building face.

Fast! A huge installation time saver over pre-cast

  • PW products can often be manufactured, delivered and installed before custom pre-cast products are even formed.

Cost-saving summary

  • Basic product is less expensive than pre-cast
  • Cheaper shipping, off-loading and site-handling costs
  • Longer lengths equal less waste and fewer man-hours
  • Fewer scaffolding needs
  • Far faster job timelines
  • Very low maintenance.
  • No seismic or structural liability worries
  • Reduced moisture penetration liabilities

Patterson Whittaker offers exceedingly durable, natural looking and easy-to-install materials that can save thousands of dollars over pre-cast. Our products reduce liability concerns and the headaches of call-backs due to leaks, settling and seismic issues.


Wood and related manufactured products, like MDF) cuts precisely and can usually be stained or painted. However, PW products offer several distinct advantages:

Bigger scale and greater detail for the dollar

  • PW typically provides wider and more architecturally complex detailing per dollar than any wood profile assembly method.
  • The greater the desired size and level of detail, the greater our value.

Cheaper installations

  • PW’s one-piece material replaces conventional, hand built multi-layered assemblies, thereby eliminating hours of installation labor.
  • Many profiles can even be installed by drywallers, thus reducing expensive professional carpentry labor costs.
  • Factory pre-mitered corners and return ends save major field-cutting costs.
  • PW’s exterior systems are easy to install and help reduce caulking, sealing and painting expenses.

Faster installations

  • PW shapes and installation systems speed up job timelines!

Pre-contoured drip-edges and rain-slope details

  • This can be a very labor intensive detail to provide for windows and doorway headers when crafting wooden trim assemblies.
  • Helps naturally shed rainwater away for the building face.

Longer lasting

  • Unlike wood, our products will never rot.

Reduced liability

  • PW products are decorative, adhesive-attached details applied to weatherproof, code-compliant wall systems and are not a component of the building envelope system.
  • Wood is typically applied by securing through the building’s waterproof membrane.


Factory molded product companies often offer very refined and complex detailing and glass-smooth finishes. These materials are lightweight and can be an attractive alternative over wood or sculpted plaster for larger scale profiling needs. However, many are quite expensive, susceptible to UV damage, can warp, twist and suffer from expansion and contraction issues, and can be a real pain to install. Except for projects requiring highly complex or embossed detailing and exceptional clarity of pattern and surfacing, we believe PW materials offer a vastly superior alternative.

Lower cost! Cheaper installations

  • Simpler install procedures
  • No costly special seaming agents are required
  • Faster installation time

Very stable

  • Less expansion and contraction; highly weather-resistant.

Stone finishes do not require painting, but may be painted if desired

  • Unlike plastics, materials can be installed in segmented sections and grouted, thus creating the rich appearance of cut stone.


A popular way to create architectural detail on a stucco building is to attach raw or base-coated foam shapes to the primary stucco coating layer (“scatch & brown”; “primus coat”), then apply a hand-troweled finish coating. PW products offer significant cost-saving and design enhancement opportunities to the stucco and plastering trades to improve upon this common practice.

Durable, resilient, flexible coatings

  • PW materials are easy to handle and readily conform to many building surface irregularities.

Greater detailing

  • PW’s crisply extruded details offer far cheaper and more elegant design sophistication than feasible with conventional field-coating techniques.

Dimensional accuracy

  • Our computer templating allows us to provide materials with very close dimensional tolerances that help ensure smooth segment transitions.

Large shapes

  • PW arches, parapets, cornices, pilasters and other details can be supplied in much larger scale than field-fabrication typically allows.

Cost-saving fabrications

  • Our patent pending cornice and parapet assembly systems and our factory mitered corners can greatly reduce installation costs.

Pre-finished coatings

  • No meshing, base-coating or final finishing required!
  • PW shapes are available in stone finish or paint-ready materials that are much more durable and resilient than field-coated applications.


Many fine cement coated products are now being manufactured, with Las Vegas as a signature showplace. But while some of the available finishes are simply amazing, most are heavy, difficult to ship and handle without chipping or cracking, and are otherwise quite expensive to install. We believe our high-speed extrusion process, elegant finishes, unique coating durability and flexibility, and cost-saving installation opportunities provide us with key and distinctive advantages. Our company founder, Mike LeBlanc, was the first in the world to machine-coat foam shapes and has remained in the creative forefront of industry technology for the past two decades.

Less expensive! Lightweight

  • Easier to ship and handle

Flexible, resilient finishes

  • Provides impact resistance without chipping or cracking

Large-scale shapes!

  • PW products light weight and patent pending installation systems allow much larger shapes to be attached than common with cement-based products.

Easier and cheaper custom fabrications. Longer lengths

  • Longer, machine-extruded shapes provide greater layout flexibility and segment length sizing options.

Siliconized grouting sealants

  • PW’s advanced pre-sanded caulk and patent pending foam spacers entirely replace the need for backer rod and the need for hand grouting joint segments.

Natural, stone-like finishes

  • PW finishes incorporate natural mineral aggregates to achieve a realistic, stone-like appearance that has integral color and texture. A blended variety of sands and other natural compounds allow us to achieve a rich array of textures and earthtone colors ranging from an elegant, creamy limestone appearance to the deep browns and darker gray shadings reminiscent of other fine-cut European stones.

PW materials offer unprecedented quality and design sophistication for your dollar.

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