Stucco Arches – An Alternative from PW Profiles

Stucco shapes, which include products like stucco arches, have long been favored by contractors seeking to enhance the exteriors of residential and commercial properties with stucco siding without breaking the budget. These designs boast easier installation compared to other materials, offer customizable options, and present a cost-effective alternative to other architectural materials.

But stucco arches have many issues inherent in their design, from the quality of the material to its usage. Even the term “stucco” itself implies a specific application, which may be ideal for projects solely involving stucco but means that you cannot continue to use the products in other settings. For those that like stucco shapes, but build architectural designs for other types of materials, stucco arches are not going to be enough.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles has an innovative alternative to stucco arches – a solution that combines versatility, affordability, ease of installation, along with the ability to extend beyond traditional stucco applications. Using similar cutting-edge EPS technology utilized in stucco shapes, we enhance reinforced EPS with a resilient cement cover, boasting many of the benefits offered by traditional stucco designs, but with durability and longevity that compares favorably to materials such as precast concrete, wood, and GFRC.

To learn why architects and contractors favor our products, reach out to our sales team today at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada, or connect with us via our online form.

About Our PW Profiles Stucco Arch Alternative

Stucco arches, and other stucco shapes, are naturally light weight and can be reinforced with ease. This is one of the reasons they are the go-to material of choice for most stucco projects. However, they come with – among other things – the need for stucco, which escalates labor costs substantially. In addition, the stucco application may obscure intricate design elements and, in certain cases, introduce potential damage that could mar the overall aesthetic.

Our products are not stucco shapes, though they do share an EPS core. They are customized, pre-casted, EPS core products that are reinforced in a reinforced cement. This means that they are already pre-crafted (requiring no additional stucco on top), can be designed to look like stucco has needed, and can be used on other projects because the benefits of these are not limited to stucco alone.

At Patterson Whittaker, we craft foam core shapes and architectural elements already enveloped in a fortified cement coating, capable of being skillfully textured to mimic stucco or adapted to work with other materials seamlessly. Take, for instance, our stucco arches, which provide benefits that include:

  1. Ease of Installation – Our stucco arches typically require a single installer and minimal manual reinforcement. With adhesive as the primary binding agent, these arches last for decades, even in demanding commercial properties.
  2. Simplified Finishing – Pre-finished options are available for our stucco arches, but they can also be finished on-site with ease.
  3. Enduring Durability – Both the EPS core and cement exterior are reinforced, offering exceptional resilience against heat, water, and external forces.
  4. Unmatched Customizability – Our foam core arches transcend traditional stucco designs, allowing for intricate detailing and the creation of unique shapes with finesse.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, our products shine as well. From shipping to labor to project completion, PW Profiles offers highly competitive, if not superior, overall costs – a boon for your construction projects.

Why Select Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles?

Our expertise lies in crafting intricately detailed, customized foam core architectural products suitable for both residential and commercial properties. We cater to diverse needs, providing alternatives to stucco shapes, GFRC, precast concrete, and wood.

Architects and contractors who have experienced the versatility of our products often become loyal customers, incorporating our solutions in all their future projects, even beyond stucco applications. Cornices, arches, wall panels, and an array of architectural elements can be seamlessly integrated, all without compromising the waterproof membrane and ensuring a cohesive and durable finish.

For those intrigued by the idea of stucco arches or other architectural enhancements for their property, start a conversation with our sales team. Let’s go over some of the many benefits of our unique EPS mouldings, and show you why so many have switched to us for all their property’s designs.

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