EPS Wall Panels – Attractive and Functional Wall Panels at Affordable Costs from Patterson Whittaker

Wall panels are one of the final elements that determine the appearance of a building. Depending on the material and style you choose, it is possible to achieve a range of different styles with EPS wall panels offering many advantages in terms of customization, functionality, and price over similar materials like precast concrete and GFRC

Patterson Whittaker Profiles designs and manufactures EPS wall panels for commercial and residential properties using our proprietary EPS material. This material makes it possible for us to create wall panels to your specifications while offering all of the same benefits as other architectural materials, as well as additional advantages. Contact our team at 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada for more about our EPS material and how it might suit your project. 

What are EPS Wall Panels?

Wall panels are an exterior architectural feature. By affixing them to the walls of a structure, it is possible to completely define the facade and exterior style of a building. Wall panels have traditionally been made traditionally made from molded products like precast concrete and glass fiber reinforced concrete. 

Constructing wall panels in molds makes it possible to achieve a high level of detail and create the base for a range of different finishes that will complete a visual design at everything from luxury homes to commercial properties. But it also adds time and cost to the finished product.

At Patterson Whittaker, we manufacture wall panels from an EPS core reinforced with a cement covering. Rather than using molds, we cut the EPS directly using software and state of the art machinery for a finished product with a high level of detail. The resulting wall panel has the high strength and durability of concrete with the light weight of EPS. This combination provides many benefits as an architectural material including:

  • Fast Production Time – Without the need for molds, the extensive curing times of precast concrete, or the shipping time necessary for heavy and fragile objects, we require very short lead times at Patterson Whittaker to have your EPS wall panels finished and transported directly to your worksite.
  • Significantly Lighter Weight – EPS wall panels weigh only a fraction of what a similar panel in precast concrete, cast stone, or GFRC would weigh. This makes it possible to create larger or more ornate panels without needing nearly any reinforcement. It also makes installation far easier and more affordable. 
  • Improved Durability – EPS is resistant to chipping, cracking, warping, or any other damage that can occur during installation or throughout the lifetime of a building. As a result, there is low maintenance time and cost necessary for a sustained beautiful appearance for your walls.
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof – Constructed with both cement and an EPS core, our EPS wall panels are not damaged by water, freezing and thawing, UV rays, or other environmental conditions. They also can decrease the risk of moisture infiltration problems since the lightweight wall panels can be affixed to exterior walls with adhesive rather than fasteners that go through the building membrane and leave openings for water to seep in. 
  • Efficient Cost – Lighter weight, durability, ease of installation, and lower manufacturing costs make wall panels made from EPS an altogether more cost effective option. EPS enables you to design wall panels for your building with a luxury appearance that is available at a fraction of the cost.

Our development of EPS wall panels at Patterson Whittaker Profiles was done with the goal of creating a superior alternative to precast and other architectural materials that also provides a superior appearance, longevity, and other valuable features that make it the ideal solution when you need a premium product for wall panels. 

Get More Information about EPS Wall Panels – Contact Us Today

Based in Canada, our team at Patterson Whittaker has designed EPS wall panels and other EPS products for commercial and homes throughout the US, Canada, and further abroad. We are happy to share more about the benefits of our EPS core wall panels. EPS wall panels are an increasingly preferred solution for contractors and a key way for architects to help realize their clients’ designs at a low cost.

We have many examples of wall panels that we can share to give you an idea of the scale and level of design work that is possible with EPS. We can also begin designing your custom wall panels or other architectural EPS elements to help you complete your construction project at an affordable cost and with superior results. Call us or send a message to get started.

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