Precast Concrete Arch Fabrication – A PW Profiles Alternative to Precast Arches

Architectural arches add considerable character and class to any type of property. They were originally used as a structural material, but are now a popular choice as a strictly architectural element that adds to the aesthetics of the property.

One of the most popular materials for fabricating these non-structural arches has long been precast concrete. Precast concrete arches are able to achieve the look of real stone and create beautiful custom arches that fit many different styles of property. But even a precast arch is imperfect. At Patterson Whittaker, we created a proprietary alternative to precast concrete arches that fix many of the challenges of pre-cast, all at a lower cost.

If you’ve been looking for pre-cast arch fabrication in the United States, Canada, or anywhere else in the world, please contact us for a quote or to learn more about how our unique and more affordable architectural products are becoming the best alternative to pre-cast for properties of all sizes. Call 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to speak directly with one of our team members.

Introduction to Our Precast Arch Material

Precast concrete provides a weatherproof surface that addresses many of the challenges of real stone. It is understandable that in states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, precast concrete is the material of choice for arches and other architectural elements.

But they also have their problems.

Precast concrete arch fabrication can be costly. Lead times for this type of product can stretch for months. Shipping is also expensive, as is installation, as it requires more manpower and more engineering for precast concrete to be successfully installed safely. This is one reason that these arches are typically only used on the most luxury of properties, as they are cost prohibitive otherwise.

Pre-cast concrete is also more prone to breaking/chipping, and while it is largely weatherproof, there are weather conditions that can affect its lifespan.

That is why we at Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles created an alternate solution. Using a combination of 100% weatherproof EPS, cement, and other elements, we’ve been able to create architectural designs that address these pre-cast concrete issues. Our products are easy to install, last for decades, cost less, and provide additional benefits including:

  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Lightweight Material – Affordably Ships Anywhere
  • Less Manpower Needed
  • Almost No Extra Reinforcement Required
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unlikely to Chip or Break During Transport

Our products are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be crafted in any shape, textured, painted, and installed with ease. Contractors frequently contact us for their luxury commercial and residential properties as a way to reduce cost and improve the quality of their build. But what makes our product even more interesting for architects is that, at its price point, it is also an effective choice for smaller properties as well.

Types of Arch Designs We Can Create

Our arch products, which can be crafted similar to precast and GFRC, are able to be molded into essentially any shape and any type of design. That makes it possible for us to create any type of arch design that you’re hoping to create, including:

  • Stilted Arches
  • Trefoil Arches
  • Multifoil Arches
  • Inflexed Arches
  • Round Arches
  • Roman Arches
  • Gothic Arches
  • Tudor Arches
  • Ogee Arches
  • Moorish Arches

What makes our product also unique is that we can essentially create all the architectural elements that you need for your property, including cornices, trims, headers, casings, sills, quoins, and more.

PW Profiles has changed the way that people think about precast arches, and we want to help you with fabrication and design. Contact us, no matter where you are, for more information about our products and services.

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