PW products are designed for direct application to exterior stucco, plaster, brick, CMU block and concrete. Contact your PW representative for adding details to cement board and vinyl siding applications, shingle-sided, and other wood-clad buildings.

PW architectural details are not part of the building’s primary weather-envelope system. Unlike applied wood trims and precast masonry materials that require nails, screws or other fasteners, our profiles are typically glued to the face of a finished, weatherproof, codecompliant wall and do not penetrate the building membrane. Also, our engineered top-slope and drip-edge contouring helps shed rainwater away from the building face.

Our lightweight composition helps reduce problems associated with structural loading, settling, and seismic incidents. Architects and builders specifying our materials and carefully following our installation guidelines avoid the risks and call-back costs associated with heavier and/or membrane penetrating detailing methods.

PW expanded polystyrene (EPS) cores are 100% recyclable and produced without creating ozone-depleting CFC’s and HCFC’s. Selecting Patterson Whittaker products over conventional wood moldings is a great way to help preserve our natural forests.

As a general rule, we provide nearly twice the size profiles for the same dollar spent on conventional architectural details – and offer even better values for large-scale components like parapet cornices, brackets and other major decorative items. PW’s patent-pending installation systems provide major labor savings and long-term maintenance costs are virtually non-existent when compared to painted wood assemblies. Also, our lightweight construction eliminates the need for structural upgrades required to accommodate the heavy weight of pre-cast concrete shapes.

We firmly believe there is not a comparable product on the market offering greater architectural value for your dollar.

Not difficult. PW products are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be installed by tradesmen or homeowners using common tools and equipment. Carpenters and stucco and masonry applicators find our materials much easier to install compared to other detailing methods. Detailed installation instructions are readily available and should be closely followed for best results.

The choice is yours. Our products can be can be cut and mitered on-site using a common miter saw. We also provide the option of factory-finished prefabrications that are a labor-saving alternative that many experienced tradesmen view as an indispensable part of our profiling system.

Our finishes can be cleaned with a reasonably firm nylon scrub brush and biodegradable soap such as Simple Green. NEVER USE SOLVENTS OR A PRESSURE WASHER TO CLEAN OUR PRODUCTS.

Yes. We supply details for many major commercial projects, including jobs in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Our large cornice and parapet systems, applied wall panels, decorative brackets, crown moldings and other large-scale features are ideal for shopping centers, hotels and casinos, institutional and multi-family projects and other commercial developments.

Yes. While we have a large selection of standard shapes and sizes, we can create a wide variety of attractive and affordable options to meet your requirements.

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