Precast Mouldings Fabrication – A PW Profiles Alternative to Pre-cast Concrete Mouldings

Architects and contractors are always looking for products that can enhance the look of a property in ways that are both cost efficient and long lasting. Often, design elements like decorative architectural moulding can turn a property into something truly eye grabbing, but also creates challenges with regards to things like purchase cost, installation, and even long term maintenance.

Precast is a common material for decorative mouldings. Precast concrete mouldings and trim are frequently used to make the architectural details that help a property stand out, giving it character and value that will last for years.

But precast isn’t a perfect material. There are problems that precast brings for both contractors and property owners. PW Profiles has one of the world’s only successful alternatives to pre-cast mouldings, with an EPS based material that is less costly, easier to install, and lasts for longer. Learn more at 206.953.5209 in the US or 604.285.6550 in Canada.

Why Contractors and Architects Switch to Our Precast Mouldings Alternative

Precast is, genuinely, a very useful material. Its ability to get molded into essentially any shape allows architects to create fascinating designs in a material that is more cost effective, longer lasting, and easier to work with than other materials like natural stone. It can also be finished easily, allowing you to match the look of the property in color, texture, and more.

There is no denying that pre-cast concrete mouldings are valuable.

But they also have many flaws.

Cost is the most prohibitive one. Precast concrete, from beginning to end, have costs that can add up considerably. It’s why precast mouldings are typically not used on more modest properties, as the costs are prohibitive for all but the most luxury of buildings. Some of these precast moulding costs include:

  • Fabrication – Precast moulding fabrication is competitive, but still pricy.
  • Shipping – Precast is heavy, making shipping more expensive.
  • Installation – Precast requires a lot of manpower and the installation of reinforcement material.

That is also only the beginning of some of the challenges of working with precast. Other problems include the risk of chipping in transport (possibly delaying the project) and typically much longer lead times. Also, while precast mouldings are weather resistant, they can still be affected by certain weather conditions and seismic activity.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles has created a solution that is quickly becoming the top choice for those that used to work with precast. Our products are created with a proprietary technology that combines a reinforced EPS core with cement based coating to create products that look like pre-cast, but address all the typical precast challenges.

We encourage you to contact our sales team to get a better understanding of the technology behind our products, but we’ve been around for well over 20 years and have consistently replaced precast, GFRC, and countless others to become the most popular product for any contractor that has tried our designs. That is because our precast replacement offers:

  • Highly Durable and Long Lasting Construction – All the mouldings we create are expected to last for decades with almost minimal maintenance in all types of weather.
  • Lightweight with Easy Installation – Our products require essentially no reinforcement, far less manpower, and much easier and faster installation.
  • Easier Shipment with Less Risks – Our products are far less likely to chip during transport, and are much less expensive to ship given their light weight.

We also have much faster lead times than precast mouldings typically offer – all for a price that is less than most precast fabrication companies before even calculating the savings in reinforcement, shipping, installation time, and manpower.

Our products offer the same quality, which is why they are very often used on the same luxury properties and commercial buildings that were once used for precast. But, because of their low pricing, our mouldings – and all of our products – can also be used on typically less luxurious residential properties, allowing architects to design more attractive buildings without prohibitive costs.

Our products are also eco-friendly, and just as easy to finish as precast is.

Learn More About Our EPS Mouldings – Call Today

PW Profiles can create not only mouldings, but all the columns, crowns, wall panels, and other decorative details that make your property shine, all with the same benefits of precast but fewer drawbacks. We started locally in the British Columbia/Pacific Northwest region, and have since began shipping our products throughout the United States, Canada, and even internationally, and nearly all of our customers use us for repeat business knowing the advantages that our products provide.

But we know that this product is new for most contractors, and we are more than happy to give you more specs and details about our work. Contact our team today to get started.

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