Client Responsibilities & Product Disclaimers

Our goal is to ensure Patterson Whittaker products meet our high manufacturing standards and are packaged, shipped, handled and installed professionally. Before ordering, all PW customers are asked to carefully study the following information to help us achieve this goal.


It is the purchaser’s responsibility to provide:

  • Clear delivery truck access to the desired off-loading site.
  • Assistance unloading large deliveries and materials requiring more than one person to handle safely and efficiently.
  • A thorough product inspection to verify delivered materials match the packing slip.


(Note: These are essentially the same guidelines as recommended for finished lumber.)

  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling.
  • Store materials in a flat, dry, clean location out of direct sunlight.
  • Never lean materials vertically against a wall.
  • Keep products well protected from all water sources to ensure the driest possible surface for adhesive and sealant adherence.
  • When carrying long, flat-stock lengths, sudden uplifting from near the center point may cause the material to snap, in some cases.
  • A separated-tooth diamond or masonry saw blade is recommended to ensure crisp cuts.
  • Follow the detailed instructions provided in our PW Installation Guidelines to fully protect the product warranty.
  • Patterson Whittaker will not be held responsible for any unsatisfactory materials once installed. CHECK FOR PROPER COLOR & SIZING FIRST!


Finish products may have manufacturing variations up to 1/8” tolerance for any dimension. Coating thicknesses may also vary.

STUCCO, PAINT & INTERIOR GRADE finishes may have minor blemishes requiring touch-up before final coating. Minor surface cracking should also be expected.

STONE FINISH materials contain mineral aggregates with natural variations in both color and grit size. While great care is taken to ensure uniformity of color and texture, variations often exist, even within batch mixtures.



Patterson Whittaker profiles are not intended for use as a primary weather barrier. Our profiles are meant to add aesthetic appeal as applied ornamental pieces only. To prevent moisture intrusion at windows, doors and other penetrations, flashing and caulking may be necessary behind, above, adjacent to, and below our profiles. See your contractor or building envelope specialist for specific details.



We welcome the opportunity to create custom colors, textures, designs, assemblies and other specialized materials, but customers need to be aware of certain factors and conditions before ordering such products.

Patterson Whittaker stone finishes contain natural mineral aggregates. Varying the texture or tone of these sandy blends may require adding various pigments to our base formulations to produce the desired effect. There is a risk with this process that the final finish may appear “synthetic” in appearance, since added pigments tend to mask the rich color and texture variations inherent in our primary mixtures. Further, no assurance can be made that added pigments will remain colorfast under the stresses of weather and UV light. This same consideration applies for any painted or stained building product.


All painted materials are intended to be provided with a final finish coat by the purchaser/installer. As a general rule, 100% acrylic formulations serve as excellent primers and top-coat paints.


It is impossible for even our skilled hand-applicators to match the exactness and evenness of our machined coatings, so both color and texture will evidence slight variations when contrasted to machine-produced lengths of our materials. Small volume orders, larger-scale details and many complex shapes are often hand-coated.


When ordering custom materials for your project, an adequate material reserve should always be provided for installation mistakes, accidental damage and perhaps future building expansion or modification. This safety measure will assure accurately colored, sized and textured products will be available when needed and will save the expense of re-creating small quantities of matching materials.

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