Wood Column Fabrication – An Alternative from PW Profiles

Wood has been a popular choice for architectural columns for quite some time. Timeless and adaptable, there are few other materials to choose from which have as long of a track record and strong of a reputation for quality as wood. Despite the materials’ shortcomings in more detailed constructions, wood has held its spot as the sturdy and enduring column of choice for some time.

We now have a better option.

The EPS cement-coated columns offered by Patterson Whittaker replicate the best qualities of wood and mitigate the shortcomings of that timeless constructive material. A sustainable alternative to classically wood columns, PW Profiles understands the more sustainable, affordable, and durable we make your columns, the more you and your construction team can do with your budget. If your property needs EPS columns fabricated in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, give us a call and we will put together a quote for you.

Those in the United States need only call 206.953.5209, while the number for those in Canada is 604.285.6550. Call today and speak to our team about what upgrades we can bring to the columns of your property.

What are the Shortcomings of Wood Columns in Construction?

Wood is an amazing material. Wood is long-lasting, water resistant, and offers a classic appearance – along with excellent design capabilities, that make it hard to match. There are few other materials for column fabrication that will be more recognizable and respected. PW Profiles will always understand the beauty that wood can bring to a given project.

But wood is also expensive to work with, aesthetically limiting, and nowhere near as impervious to the elements.

Wood is often cost-prohibitive. Creating architectural columns from wood is not only costly from a fabrication standpoint, but also from a shipping one. While not as heavy as some materials, like precast concrete, wood is still hard to travel with. Its weight also makes it challenging to install, requiring multiple hands and considerable reinforcement.

In addition, any complicated design or intricate product fabricated out of wood is going to be expensive, potentially to the point in which the price point cannot be justified. Wood is a simple material, meaning that creating complex columns or more intricate designs will always be costly, and runs the risks of chips and damage.

Finally, although wood is durable it is not waterproof. Susceptible to termites, rotting, weathering, and warping, wood as a material requires considerable (and expensive) upkeep that PW Profile’s EPS columns simply don’t require. 

What are the Benefits of EPS Columns in Construction?

Our teams at Patterson Whittaker create reinforced EPS core architectural products with a thin layer of reinforced cement. This allows us to create lightweight and durable material that will maintain structural integrity for much longer than wood, all while being less risky to ship and install, and much more affordable to purchase. Our product will also handle the severities of natural weathering for significantly longer than wood.

The Patterson Whittaker alternative to columns is a perfect solution for the issues presented with classical wood construction. With our cement-reinforced EPS product, PW Profiles is able to offer sustainable alternatives that are far less likely to break, chip, or sustain enduring natural damage, all while maintaining the design and aesthetic your property deserves. 

Cement Coated EPS offers more benefits than simple water-proofing or cheaper prices as well. With PW Profile’s product, consider your columns to be:

  • Protected from Weather
  • Sustainable and Durable
  • Minimal Upkeep
  • Lightweight for Ease of Travel
  • Easily Installed by a Small Team
  • Better for the Environment
  • Constructed and Shipped Quickly

Patterson Whittaker is reached out to frequently by contractors for upscaled properties in both commercial and residential sectors. This is because contractors know that if they need to lower the costs of their construction while finding a way to bring the value up at the same time, PW Profiles has the product to do it.

It doesn’t matter if we’re called in to handle a large project, or if the job you’re working on needs a unique detail-driven product. Our cement-coated EPS has the adaptability and durability to fulfill whatever need you have without breaking the budget of your build and replace not only your architectural wood columns but other architectural products as well.

Regardless of where you or your construction project are, Patterson Whittaker is here for you to call and has the materials to make it worth your time. Contact us today to learn more about these products.

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