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Arches play a striking role in the architectural world. Different arch designs offer different benefits to the design and look of a property, adding both value and elements that draw in the eye. But as architects and contractors create these arches, they need to consider what materials make the most sense from both a quality, price, and installation perspective.

Patterson Whittaker Architectural Profiles manufactures a type of proprietary EPS foam arch that is highly durable, resists the elements, easy to install, and compares extremely favorably to materials like GFRC, precast concrete, and other more common materials. We strongly encourage you to contact our sales team to learn more about our unique EPS foam core products. Call 206.953.5209 in the United States or 604.285.6550 in Canada to find out more.

What Are Our EPS Arches?

Many architects are familiar with foam architectural products, like foam arches, that are designed to be used with stucco and other substances. We create something very different.

We use a reinforced EPS core that is covered in a reinforced cement. It is an extremely durable product that has specs that compete favorably with glassfiber reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and other hard surfaces. Our products – including our EPS arches – can be used on essentially all property types, and come with advantages that include:

  • Weather Resistant – Our products are almost entirely weather resistant, even more so than many popular architectural materials. Our EPS arches can be installed outdoors in essentially any type of weather and maintain their shape for years.
  • Durable/Chip Resistant – Unlike GFRC and precast concrete, our materials are chip resistant, which means that you are more likely to obtain a final product at the job site that is in perfect shape and not in need of any repairs.
  • Very Light Weight – Despite its durability, our foam core arches are some of the most lightweight materials available today. They are so lightweight that they can frequently be installed with only one or two people, and with no or little mechanical reinforcement.
  • Fast Lead Times – Our products have a very short lead time. We do not need a mold to create the products, and shipping can be faster and less costly because of the light weight of the product. That means no delays.
  • Cost Efficient – Finally, despite our EPS arches, and other products, being used at luxury housing and commercial properties, our products are also competitively priced compared to other materials. Our arches can even be used at less luxury residencies, as they are not cost prohibitive for most builds.

These are premium products, and our EPS foam core arches are suitable for even the most luxury of designs. But the ease of installation, light weight, costs, and durability make our products a great choice for essentially any project.

Learn More About Our Architectural EPS Arches – Call Today

Our products can be found all over the world, and are now taking off throughout the US and Canada as more and more contractors and architects discover the benefits of working with our EPS core designs. Because the cost to ship is low, we are able to send our products nearly anywhere, and still offer a cost savings and fast delivery. We are more than happy to show you examples of our EPS arches, or we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our architectural EPS manufacturing process or how our products can fit into your existing architectural process.

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