How to Determine If Foam Crown Moulding is Right for Your Building Project

Crown moulding is one of the architectural features in many properties that bring the entire design together, offer visual appeal at the ceiling level, and can customize a design with looks that range from sleek and modern to highly ornate and historic.

Our EPS from moulding at PW Profiles is the leading type of foam moulding on the market and offers a powerful alternative choice to traditional wood, plaster, or GFRC crown moulding. Our unique production process and the inherent benefits of foam architectural moulding can make this the right choice for a range of different residential and commercial construction projects.

Projects that Benefit from Foam Crown Moulding

The decorative details of a property are often the ones that have the most significant impact on the property’s appearance and value. But the extent of decorative elements and the cost often inherent in them can make achieving the decorative style you are looking for cost prohibitive, require time consuming and complex construction work, and present maintenance challenges over the years.

Our EPS foam crown moulding addresses many of these different challenges, making it the right solution for your projects when you need an architectural product that is:

  • Durable – We make our proprietary foam moulding from an interior structure of lightweight and long lasting EPS foam. We then reinforce the exterior of the object with a thin layer of concrete to provide strength and additional protection against the elements or wear and tear.
  • Lightweight – With a plastic core, each piece of foam crown moulding weighs very little. This makes it possible to install without significant structural supports or several hours of nail gunning a piece of moulding into place. Instead, you can quickly apply an adhesive backing to the crown moulding and affix it into the desired location.
  • Intricate Design – While foam moulding works well for simple designs as well, it really shines with intricate and highly detailed pieces of crown moulding. This is because we have the technology and equipment at PW Profile to render almost any design in a CAD program and then cleanly cut each piece of EPS foam into the planned designs. This makes it possible to achieve a much more detailed design at a far lower price than a similar design in wood or plaster.
  • Low Cost – With more affordable manufacturing costs and lightweight providing affordable shipping costs to anywhere in the world and easy installation, foam crown moulding is one of the most affordable ways to add either standard or custom crown moulding to your construction or renovation project.
  • High End Appearance – Once installed and painted, foam crown moulding will look professional with an appearance that rivals more expensive materials.

With this collection of benefits, foam crown moulding is the right choice when you want to install a beautiful yet affordable crown moulding on any project.

Why Choose PW Profiles for Foam Crown Moulding

Foam moulding already has several advantages over other materials. The EPS foam crown moulding product that we have engineered at Patterson Whittaker Profiles adds additional benefits, from the durability of our final product to the expert customer service we provide along the way to assist you with the design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation procedures.

Patterson Whittaker Profiles has become the leading choice for architectural materials. We are based in Vancouver and ship our products all over the world. Whether you are a local Vancouver contractor

or architect looking for foam crown moulding or your project is based elsewhere, we can ship directly to your job site. Call us today or send us a message to get a quote for EPS foam moulding.

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