Why Our EPS Core Architectural Products Prevent Moisture Infiltration

One of the most challenging issues for any building is moisture. When water gets into a structure, it can rapidly cause a range of damage from aesthetics to health issues. Unchecked moisture problems will eventually cause weakening which could make parts of the structure unsound.

Our proprietary EPS product at Patterson Whittaker profiles offers multiple advantages over other architectural materials that can help make a structure impermeable to moisture. For this reason, we are a leading option to preserve both the appearance and integrity of your building over the long term.

Limiting Moisture Infiltration Problems with EPS 

There are two ways in which moisture most often gets through the building envelope and into the inside of a structure. Water can move through the construction material itself, often through a crack or other types of damage that have developed. Water can seep through connection points where two components come together and the fasteners that join them pierce the membrane of the wall.

Our products, made from EPS, are at low risk for either of these issues for the following reasons:

  • Water Resistant Material – EPS is not permeable to water and, as constructed, moisture cannot seep through to get to walls and interior elements behind EPS facades.
  • Damage Resistant – Because our products are highly durable, there is a lower risk of corrosion, cracking, or other destruction that could leave the structure open to moisture.
  • Limited Manual Reinforcement – Because EPS products are extremely lightweight, few to no connection points are required during construction. Instead, an EPS element will adhere to the surface of a structure with glue. The underlying wall remains a non-penetrable membrane and, with the EPS layer, offers two layers of protection to prevent moisture infiltration.
  • Contouring for Drainage – We engineer top-slope and drip-edge contouring into many of the architectural elements we create. This helps to promote water runoff so that water is not sitting on surfaces and causing moisture issues through prolonged exposure.

In addition to the moisture infiltration prevention of our EPS architectural products at Patterson Whittaker Profiles are highly affordable, have a long lifespan, and have the ability to be customized into a nearly endless variety of shapes, sizes, and features. Contact our team to get started with a quote for your project.

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